Final Notice; a Miss Zukas mystery (Miss Zukas mysteries)

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Sweet Dreams, Irene. Newswoman Irene Kelly covers a heated race between district attorney candidates and is involved in a series of dangerous events. Carr, Caleb, The Angel of Darkness.

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Sara Howard, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Stevie Taggert, and other members of the crime solving team assembled in "The Alienist," make a shocking discovery when they reunite in to help the wife of a Spanish diplomat find her kidnapped infant daughter. Chester, Kate. A Time of Fear. Sara Howell refuses to let the knowledge that she is being stalked frighten her, but when her dog, Tuck, is poisoned, she is terrified and must figure out who it is that is watching her every move. And Then There Were None.

Cook, Robin, Fatal Cure. Doctors Angela and David Wilson believe they have found the perfect life in Vermont, until people die of unexplained deaths. FIC Coo. Cooney, Caroline B. A weekend four years ago that ended in someone's death comes back to haunt Rose. The police have her diary of that summer and are questioning her again, and someone else wants to keep her from telling what really happened--forever.

Harmful Intent. A subtle clue puts a physician turned fugitive and Nurse Kelly on the trail of a crazed killer, responsible for drug tampering deaths. Cormier, Robert. Trent, an ace interrogator from Vermont, works to procure a confession from an introverted twelve-year-old accused of murdering his seven-year-old friend in Monument, Massachusetts. FIC Cor.

Final Notice

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Medical examiner Kay Scarpetta investigates the murder of a young boy that closely resembles a recently executed murderer. Dereske, Jo. Miss Zukas and the Library Murders. With the help of her best friend, Ruth, a six-foot-tall bohemian artist, Helma Zukas investigates the appearance of a dead body right in the middle of the library's fiction stacks. Duncan, Lois, Four teenagers who have desperately tried to conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run accident are pursued by a mystery figure seeking revenge.

Locked in Time. Nore arrives at her stepmother's Louisiana plantation to find her new family odd and an aura of evil and mystery about the place. FIC Eco. Eco, Umberto. Foucault's Pendulum.

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Three editors conspire to devise a plan of their own about European history. As they feed all the information into their computer, they think it is a terrific joke--until people begin to mysteriously disappear. Ellis, Carol, The Stalke r. Janna knows someone is always watching and following her. She never suspected there is a sinister side to stardom; however, it is stalking her now.

Twice Shy. A surefire computerized betting system draws desperate men who will do anything to gain control of it. FIC Fre Fredericks. The Girl in the Park. FIC Gra. Grafton, Sue. Private investigator Kinsey Millhone takes over on a six-year-old murder case in which David Barry was acquitted, and finds herself in danger.

Detective Kinsey Millhone investigates the pseudocide of a California businessman. Grisham, John. The Firm. While hiking, Ruth and Helma discover a dead body in the rocky wilderness. Upon close inspection, they notice that the body had a hole in its chest. They eventually conclude that there was foul play since the hole was not caused by accident.

Audiobooks narrated by Crystal Sershen |

Once the victim is airlifted from the wilderness, Ruth eventually agrees that they should head back to civilization. Wanting to be a good person is one thing, but remaining behind in a blinding storm is another thing. Additionally, they also voluntarily end up putting their life in danger as they share a cabin with people who they knew nothing about. A librarian in Bellehaven, Washington, Miss Zukas is asked to draft a catalog of Native American books and also a memorabilia in the newly designed Cultural Center.

Plummer had been stabbed by a spindle-wielding killer. Miss Zukas is not exceedingly thrilled with the fact that she had been reassigned to the Center without her consent. In self-defense and out of curiosity, Miss Zukas decides to carry out her very own investigation. Just like, it is in all the previous installments, her sidekick Ruth assists Miss Zukas to find out who the killer really is. Upon working at the cultural center, Miss Zukas gets to know about the Indian culture and also gets to meet some pretty interesting characters.

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Miss Zukas Helma is issued with a ticket for driving while a red light was on. Since she feels that the ticket was unjustified, she refuses to pay the penalty. In this installment, Helma works at a homeless men mission home. She not only dishes out food but also does other chores. While working on one of the nights, a businessman is found dead just a few miles from the homeless mission home. While working on the case, Helma discovers that there are several people who had disagreed initially with the victim.

Thus she decides to look for suspects and clues so as to locate the killer. If you are looking for a series, that not only has well-developed characters but also has storylines which are charmingly addictive, then you the Miss Zukas mystery series is definitely what you are looking for. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

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Book s. The guy is a master! For Private Investigator Sloane Monroe, her high school reunion cruise has been nothing more than a mundane reminder of why she hasn't returned to her hometown after all these years. When dried blood is found on the deck where Doug was last seen, Sloane finesses her way into the surveillance room.

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Thirteen-year-old Willie Compton and his younger brother Leonard stumble upon a mine shaft while hiking the hills of Park City, Utah. The shaft is unsealed, abandoned. While Leonard stares at the hole in wonderment, a Slinky he's been flipping back and forth between his hands slithers through his fingers, tumbling toward the mouth of the shaft. Private Investigator Sloane Monroe has solved every case that's come across her desk with the exception of one - the brutal murder of her sister Gabrielle.

Three years have passed without a trace of the killer until today, when a young woman's body is discovered on a patch of dirt in front of the local supermarket at daybreak. Now Sloane is faced with the most difficult challenge of her life - finding a man who's a master at concealing his identity before he captures his next victim and sends them to eternal rest. The volume gathers together fifty-five stories, from "Armistice" to "Alma Redeemed" , and including the immortal stories from The Magic Barrel and the vivid depictions of the unforgettable Fidelman.

It is a varied and generous collection of great examples of the modern short story, which Malamud perfected, and an ideal introduction to the work of this great American writer. Stranger and Town : Six-year-old Olivia Hathaway tiptoes down the center aisle of Maybelle's Market, stopping once to glance over her shoulder and make sure her mother isn't watching. Moments later, a frantic Mrs. But little Olivia is already in the arms of a stranger. Meet Miss Zukas, the very proper, exceedingly conscientious, and relentlessly curious local librarian of Bellehaven, Washington.

Miss Zukas and the Library Murders

The Bellehaven police are baffled when a dead body turns up right in the middle of the library's fiction stacks. But Miss Helma Zukas - who never fails to make note of the slightest deviation from the norm - is not willing to let this nasty disruption stand. If the local law can't open the book on this case, Miss Zukas certainly intends to - with the help of her not-so-proper best friend, Ruth.

Charlotte is a successful romance novelist who escapes city life and moves to the small town of Crispens Point in Blackberry County. She immediately connects with some of the quirky but friendly residents and begins to feel at home right away. When a friend invites her to attend a local community church, Charlotte is attracted to the pastor, but refuses to acknowledge that attraction because of some dark things in her past.

Buy Now with 1 Credit. No relationships, that's billionaire Garth Solen's rule - especially not with a woman like his new employee Melissa Bencher, who thinks with her heart and not her head. But all bets are off when Melissa's attempt to make her jerk ex-boyfriend jealous by suggesting that she's dating Garth. In Cry of the West , recently widowed Hallie Wells is facing a difficult situation. The sudden demise of her husband after selling their farm and just about everything they owned to travel west on the Oregon Trail, has left her stranded with an eight year old son.

Dare she ask Cooper Jerome, recently returned from the War of the States, if he would put his life on hold for, say, five months to drive her wagon; and that doesn't include his return trip. At this point, she's out of options. Decorated homicide Sergeant Natalie Collins arrived home only seconds after her sister was murdered.

The killer was still at the house, a man who believed that with each kill he was closer to living forever. He was hunting survivors of certain death - searching for their secrets.